With Halloween just a few weeks away, expect that a lot of games, apps, sites, services, etc will offer you spooky bonuses or discounts or specials during this frightening of seasons. Even the Android mascot isn’t exempt from the celebration. A special Halloween edition of those Android vinyl figures will be going on sale soon, and gone is the green and say hello to the orange as the Warty Witch aims to capture your heart, or rather your scary bone.

Andrew Bell designs and sells these cute Android vinyl figurine collectibles on his Dead Zebra Inc website. And since we like celebrating “scary” things on Halloween, the Android mascot also goes spooky with the Warty Witch. It is of course pumpkin colored and has a pumpkin head, with a detachable broomstick and witch’s cloak.

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The 3” figurine even comes with a spell/poem/description, which includes such things as eye of newt, lizard’s leg, and a hell broth, which is something we will never drink. Now as to what use this is to you is something you never ask people who love to collect, err, collectibles. It doesn’t do anything digital-wise, but physically, it would look good next to your gargoyle statue and frankenstein’s monster’s head.


The Warty Witch isn’t on sale yet but will be available by October 19. There isn’t any price listed yet but based on previous holiday-themed special figurines, it might be anywhere from $10-$15. It also indicates that it’s limited to two witches per household. So no hoarding of Warty Witches allowed.

SOURCE: Dead Zebra