Dead Zebra Android

Dead Zebra has just launched a new series of new Android Mini Collectibles. The last series we’ve seen was the Serios 05 back in February. Now, we’ve got the geniuses like Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, and Nikola Tesla turned into mini Androids. The company says this limited edition series is designed especially for science. Actually, Dead Zebra calls this officially as “…for Science!”

This new special edition set of Android Mini Collectible figures celebrates the “greatest scientific minds in history”. Tesla, Newton, and Curie are the first three scientists Dead Zebra has turned into mini Android robots. Each robot is 3-inches tall and comes with a window display box that features a summary of their achievements in their respective fields. Dead Zebra worked with Dan Morrill, a former Android engineer, to create this special edition.

Marie Curie

Isaac Newton

Nikola Tesla 1

Once you get a hold of one Android figure, just say “For Science!” and you might be able to invent something or maybe develop a special Android app that can make your geeky life fuller, richer, and err, happier. Because you know, there’s an app for everything.

Dead Zebra ‘For Science’ Android Mini Collectibles will be available starting on Monday, April 20. Each figure is $10 which will also be sold as part of a set. If you want to order, take note Dead Zebra is setting a 2-piece limit of each figure. You can buy not more than two sets of this special edition Android Mini Collectibles. Available from the Dead Zebra Shop.

SOURCE: Dead Zebra