Android collectors are a hardcore bunch, and when it comes to the little Android guy itself, they simply can’t get enough. For those who are looking for a more “vibrant” Android collection, Dead Zebra has introduced a new Rainbow set of him, which includes a figurine of him in 10 different and exciting colors. Crack your piggy bank, rob a bank, and mug the elderly; it’s time to pick one up.

Come June 14th, you will finally be able to pick up a sweet little mini-figurine set of 10 Android’s, all in unique colors, and all of them being transparent and uber cute. Andrew Bell and his mad artistic skills have made a really bold statement here, and now you can collect all of these, and set them around your house in different places. Whether it’s to shock your guests, make the mother in law (finally) smile or frighten the dog, having fun with these is just a small online purchase away.

With tons of collectibles available on the market right now for Android fans, having something unique and full of character to choose from shouldn’t be difficult. Dead Zebra has a history of creating high quality artwork, and this one should be no different.

All characters in the set feature movable arms and heads, and are able to stand on their own. They’ll sell for $69USD per set when available, and also come in a display only packaging to enhance that “collector” vibe. We expect they’ll sell out pretty fast.

SOURCE: Dead Zebra



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