Well folks, the Dead Zebra Android Collectible figures have leaked this weekend. What we have here is a picture showing what to expect from series 3 by Andrew Bell and friends. The first two series were extremely popular, sometimes selling out in a matter of minutes. Now we all know what to expect I have a feeling these will go even faster (if real). This is round three and I’m already eying that Google Inc “Nexus” collectible — I want it now!

From the leaked image above we can see Google has three they’ve designed themselves — surely to be popular collectibles. Also Android Bell as usual has a few of his own, some that we can’t see designs for yet either. It’s also nice to see they’ve added some awesome designers and artists to the collection like Huck Gee. He is great with these types of things and unique art.

If you love Android you’ll want a few of these popular collectibles. If you don’t know, they are little Android vinyl collectibles with movable arms and heads and are extremely popular in the Android Community. I’m really liking the Sket One and the Google Nexus designs and will probably be getting a few of each. The red Google collectible is interesting. Is that for Verizon, Droid, or the next version of Android — Jelly Bean? Stay tuned for more details.

[via AndroidGuys, via Dead Zebra]