It’s finally here folks! If you’re the type that loves to run around guns blazing while trying to save the world from zombies this will be your favorite mobile game. From the extremely successful and popular developers MadFinger Games comes the next epic shooter for Android — Dead Trigger. Following in Shadowgun‘s impressive footsteps this game delivers on more than just graphics. Lets take a look.

We’ve talked about this game more than a few times, and have been dying to get our hands on it. After experiencing a few problems and not launching yesterday like originally planned, you can get it today. Now that MadFinger has finally released it to the Play Store (and for the low price of $0.99) we’ve given it a quick look. The controls are essentially very similar to Shadowgun and if you’ve played it (you should ) you’ll feel right at home. Trust us when we say this will be $1 well spent. Check out our quick and first hand impressions while we continue playing this week.

Dead Trigger hands-on

Dead Trigger brings the same amazing visuals and lighting effects, impressive weapon selection, and more all to a post-apocalyptic world full of Zombies. With well over 40 hours of gameplay this is worth every penny if you ask me. My short limited time with the game has me completely amused, and I’ll probably be playing this more than I should come tomorrow for the 4th. Already getting more than enough headshots this will be one for the record books. Obviously from the video above you can see it working great with the Nexus 7 running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and the stunning graphics are smooth thanks to collaboration with NVIDIA and their Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

The video should be enough for you to run out and buy this already, but if not check out the additional screenshots below then head to the Google Play Store link and buy this stellar game today for only $0.99 — Enjoy!

Dead Trigger Store Link
Dead Trigger Tegra Zone Link