Halloween is quickly approaching ladies and gentlemen, which means candy for kids in costumes and horror movie marathons for some. Depending on what kind of games you like, it could also mean some Halloween-themed zombie slaying in Madfinger‘s hit mobile game game Dead Trigger. The studio announced the incoming update yesterday, giving us a single image as a way of teasing the additions it brings to table.

Sadly, this means that there’s a lot we don’t know about Dead Trigger‘s Halloween update. It looks like the zombies will be outfitted with jack-o-lanterns, but other than that, there isn’t much we can take away from the screenshot. Still, since Madfinger is pimping the update before its release, it seems safe to assume that Dead Trigger players will be getting new weapons and new maps to play on.

We also don’t know when this update will be releasing, but with October 31 right around the corner – it’s just over a week away, guys – it has to be coming soon. Madfinger will likely look to launch the update before Halloween actually arrives. The folks are Droid Life are thinking that it might arrive as early as Friday, and we’re tempted to agree with them.

We’ll have to wait and see, though. At this point, we’re at the mercy of Madfinger when it comes to additional details and a release date, so we’ll have to bide our time until the studio is ready to talk. Still, if you’re a Dead Trigger player, the knowledge that a new update is on the way should be enough to satisfy for now. Keep it tuned to Android Community, as we’ll have more information for you once it becomes available!