Madfinger Games is pushing out a new update to what is probably its most popular game – Dead Trigger 2, just to keep the content fresh and the gaming population excited. They are calling this the “gangsta update”, and you probably can guess what to expect from the update.

Of course, Dead Trigger 2 will always be about shooting and killing zombies – the game is one of those who stick to the mantra that killing the walking undead is still a satisfying thing to do on your smartphone. With the “gangsta update”, users will be getting new weapons favored by those who have gangsta flavors – specifically the FN FAL assault rifle and the Lupara Shotgun. Pretty cool, homies.


There are other new weapons in the update, especially the ones you can craft, so watch out for that. In addition to the weapons, a new gameplay mode has been introduced to the game called the Collector’s Hunt. This is simply a series of events where gamers can collect more items and get some of the better rewards available.

Finally, the update also brings enhancements and bug fixes, so you will surely want to update your game app to the latest version. Check out your Google Play store app if you have the game installed, or click on the download link below.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


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