If you like comics we have good news. DC Comics has just announced their digital comics are headed to a variety of new platforms starting today. For those saying what about Google Play — that app is already available — and now the #1 Comic Book publisher’s content can be enjoyed digitally on multiple new platforms.

DC has unveiled that they now have full support for Amazon’s Kindle line, the NOOK tablets, as well as Apple’s iBook store and more. Users can enjoy all their favorite comics right on the Kindle app, and anywhere they’d like to enjoy some Superman action. DC Comics have been available digitally for a while, but now they have opened their reach and are even updating on a weekly basis.

DC Comics also stated that digital sales are up 197% year-over-year and this new frontier will continue to grow and expand for comic books. DC’s co-publisher Jim Lee had this to say, “We were the first to offer our entire comic book line same-day digital and now we are the first to offer fans the convenience of multiple download options.” Based on the fact that you can now enjoy their content across so many different platforms.

Starting today along with the usual SuperMan, BatMan, CatWoman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern and more you’ll be able to enjoy 70 titles. That also includes the week’s New 52 superhero books, several Vertigo issues and much much more. More titles will be added weekly and in the coming months, so if you’re a DC Comics fan you have plenty of enjoyment ahead.

[via SlashGear]