My favorite feature of an Android Phone isn’t it’s ability to play Flash or it’s slick interface (TouchWiz and Sense notwithstanding), it’s the cool widgets you can download. Sure, we’ve all see the myriad of weather widgets and 70’s era clock radio flip widgets, but Days Left is just as useful as it lets users count down to very important dates. The widgets can be coordinated by date due, colors, and can even have several overlays. Sizes can also be adjusted to make room for more dates, or focus on more information.

Or, a combination of both. It can be very useful to remembering due dates on those utility bills so you don’t get that disconnect notice. Or that you have your wedding anniversary coming up. And changing the colors can provide a sense of urgency as you get closer to the date due. The overlays can include icons for birthdays, important holidays, and even sports for the big game.

So, if you’re a to do freak who just loves getting stuff done, this app may be ideal for keeping track of all those due dates. And the best part is, it’s free! One thing tough, the widget is a home screen widget and cannot be installed on your SD card and work properly. It has no Apps2SD support. So keep that in mind when you hit the QR code.

[via Talk Android]



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