Dayframe originally added Chromecast support with the v2.1 update. That bit sounded good, however the Chromecast support was only available for those who went forward with the $2.99 Dayframe Prime in-app purchase. Well, as of today things have changed and not only is Chromecast support available for all Dayframe users — but that in-app purchase is currently selling at a discounted price.

In regards to the Chromecast Slideshow functionality, the Dayframe team mentioned how “there’s no time limit, ads, or photo count restrictions.” On the flip side, Dayframe users that haven’t made the Prime in-app purchase will see a “small logo on the TV screen and get a pop-up reminder/nudge once in a while.”

This goes back to Dayframe Prime currently selling at a discount, which “for a few days” the price will be $0.99. And to clarify, upgrading to Dayframe Prime will remove the small logo and occasional nudge. Otherwise, there were some additional items that arrived with the Dayframe v2.3 update.

Users can expect to be able to add multiple Facebook friends at the same time, and have better support for wireless chargers. Remaining items noted in the changelog include how slideshow “got a lighter makeover,” and as part of Prime, it is now easier and faster to create playlists. Dayframe can be found using this Google Play Store link.