If you haven’t gotten your own Daydream View VR headset, now is the best time because Google is selling them for a much lower price. On the Google Store, you can avail of the virtual reality headset for only $49. A price cut of $50 was made from $99. That is about half price now. Note that this is for the latest Daydream View model. As much we’d like to say Google is just being generous with the deal but we can’t help but think of two possible reasons: it’s not selling as expected or a new one is already in the works.

We’re betting on a next-generation Daydream View since the tech giant has been working on improvements. We remember that VR180 video format and the promise of more 180-degree cameras coming soon. Perhaps the industry is more ready now. We’re assuming that’s the case too since VR and augmented reality plus artificial intelligence are becoming standards in the smartphone business.

The discount is not only available on Google Store. Other online retailers such as Verizon, B&H, and Best Buy are also now selling Google Daydream View (2017) with the discounted price. The sale began last April 15 and will go on until the 28th. You still have about a week to avail of the deal if you live in the United States.

SOURCE: Google Store