Google is still dreaming that Daydream will become bigger. We believe it will as the tech giant continues to work on the system and allow more developers to work on more related virtual reality experiences. As it has been doing the past decade, the company will go on with offering tools, apps, programs, services, and more innovations that aim to help people all over the world.

One of the latest product offerings by the tech giant is this Daydream Performance Heads-up Display that allows devs to monitor important performance metrics in VR. This HUD offers a quick information preview and management of some data like thermal throttling, process memory usage, or frame rate.

If you’re serious about working on more VR content, you need to check out the latest Daydream Elements. As described, it’s a collection of tested solutions that show off the best practices for immersive design. There’s Object Manipulation, Constellation menu, and the Arm Model demo. Object manipulation presents how devs can simulate weight on objects to make them either heavier or lighter. The Constellation menu shows a gesture-based interaction model that helps in file directories, inventories, and enterprise apps with large data. Meanwhile, the Arm Model demo shows how you can use the mathematical arm models.

There’s also the Instant Preview feature that allows developers to make edits or changes in Unity or Unreal editor previews. The changes can be seen right away in VR white editing. Simply put, it reflects the changes immediately without having to redeploy the projects every time.

SOURCE: The Keyword