Google is getting more serious at Daydream Labs. It is where geeks, devs, designers, and engineers come together to work on future virtual reality technologies that usually start as small concepts. The group tries to focus on one topic from time to time so they will be able to have the same flow of thoughts and ideas so learning and building will be easier.

The experts at Daydream Labs have already discovered and realized a number of things. They learned recently that biing in the virtual reality world with others improves one’s VR experience. There’s no need to explain this because it’s but natural that a thing is more enjoyable when you have other people with you. They may not be “really there” in the virtual realm but knowing you are experiencing or seeing the same thing is comforting enough.

So far, the researchers at Daydreams Labs understand that avatars are simple ways to communicate. Any image or profile is enough for one to feel the presence of another even in real life, he or she is remote. There are still more room for improvements but the future of communication is guaranteed to be faster, more secure, and more efficient.

Gamers can be in the virtual world and real world at the same time. You can still interact with other people who are outside even if they are not in the virtual realm with you. You just have to be careful that you don’t forget the people around you and that there are real people outside the VR world and most especially outside your room.

Daydream Labs has also added special settings where you can change the scale values and height so everyone will appear the same height in the VR world. You can also make yourself appear taller.

We get that virtual reality can be really engaging, fun, and interesting but that is not an excuse for you not to live in the real world. Being a hardcore gamer is challenging enough to socialize with friends, what more this VR experience we’re certain a lot of people will love.

SOURCE: Google Developers Blog


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