if you want to keep a close eye on the apps you’ve installed on your app as well as manage your data usage, you cannot manually track them all. Well, you can but it will cause so much stress and hassle of course. So you get a data-tracking app, but most of them also use data themselves and so adds to your usage and even gets your personal information to sell to advertisers. Glasswire, previously available only on Windows devices, says they don’t do any of that and in fact are concerned with protecting your privacy while giving you the information you need.

Glasswire basically was created to give you information as to which apps are consuming your data while running in the background, therefore causing your connection to slow down and eating up your data usage as well. It will also tell you if you’re nearing your mobile carrier data usage so that you will not get overage fees, which are sometimes more expensive than your actual monthly fee. It can also alert you if there’s malware or unknown apps that may be violating your privacy.

The app gives you a live graph of what apps are using your data and how much of it they’re using. Every time a new app starts using your data, you will see it in the graph as well. You can even go back in time to see which apps were the culprits why your data allocation was used up so easily. You get detailed usage statistics if you want to analyze how you use your apps and your phone and which ones have to go.

You can download Glasswire for free from the Google Play Store. One of their claims is that they do not divulge any of your information and usage to any other server so no one else will be able to access your information.

SOURCE: Glasswire