The new SanDisk microSD memory card is certainly great, but what if you don’t have a microSD card slot? As devices become more reliant on cloud storage, the added microSD slot is just going away. Though not as slim and easy to tuck away, the DataTraveler microDuo — which uses your microUSB slot — might be more useful.

The device will be available in memory options up to 64GB, starting at 8GB and doubling up to 16 and 32GB before reaching the maximum. The mini dongle will allow users to transfer files between devices with a file manager app of your choice. It’s a great option for someone who has a device with limited storage, but wants to keep a lot of files handy, and local.

This is a great option for those who have devices with limited storage and no microSD slot. The DataTraveler is tiny, and as a key loop with a rotating cap. Tie it to your bag, or attach it to a keychain, and it won’t get in the way. With up to 64GB extra space taking up next to no space, it’s hard to not want one.

It also works with desktop platforms like Windows, Linux, and OS X. There’s no word on Chrome OS support, but we’d wager it will work just fine. The dongle works with all Android 4.0 and newer devices that support USB OTG, and is available now.

Via: Business Wire