One of the announcements that came out of Google I/O was for a Play Store beta program. Details of the beta program were mentioned during the I/O keynote and the setup will basically allow developers to launch a second version of their app in the Play Store. This second version will be a beta release and the program will allow the developer to create a limited or open beta.

Alternatively, while this seems like a good way for developers to test and get feedback before rolling out an update to everyone, this also simplifies the process of using a beta app. You see, this removes the need to download and sideload the .apk file. Using this beta program will allow the users to download and install the beta app directly from the Play Store. Anyway, while Google announced this during I/O, it now looks like we are getting to see it in action.

Roman Nurik, the developer behind the DashClock app has set things up and those interested will begin testing future versions of the app. The beta program is offering the option for users to take a look at v1.5 Beta 2 for DashClock. Joining the beta seems simple enough and requires just a few small steps. You will need to join the Google+ community for DashClock, sign up to become a tester and then download the app.

1. First, join the DashClock Widget community on Google+. If you don’t join the community, the next step won’t work.
2. Next, visit this link and click the Become a Tester button. If you ever want to leave the beta program, simply return to that link and choose the appropriate option.
3. Finally, visit the Google Play listing page for DashClock Widget to update to latest beta version.

While this particular update is on the minor side, this is giving us a good look at how to use the beta program and what those on both ends can expect in return. The main changes that one can expect with v1.5 Beta 2 include Daydream support. Otherwise, the current and non-beta release will remain available in the Play Store. In this case, that means DashClock v1.4.3, which was last updated just a few days earlier. That non-beta update brought improvements for the Calendar extension and all-day events as well as some additional language translations.


Finally, a bit of advise for those who may be having some issues making it through those previously mentioned three steps — try turning off your adblocker. Based on feedback provided from other users, the use of an adblocker may stop you from being able to properly join the DashClock Google+ community which means you will not be able to complete step two and three.

VIA: Google+ Roman Nurik

SOURCE: DashClock Beta Program