If you’re a fan of labyrinth or tilt-to-control games, then the Dark Nebula games are seriously a must-download app. They’ve been available on iOS for more than a few years, and have been downloaded over 6 million times. Back in June the developers launched the first Dark Nebula on Android and I simply loved the game. Today they confirmed Episode 2 is coming soon.

This is more than just your average tilt-to-control labyrinth style game too. They have stunning graphics considering the game is so simple, originality, and innovative gameplay. There is absolutely nothing boring about these games from crossing bridges, avoiding spike strips, falling off or being launched off edges and more. Each level is unique and different and brings equally greater challenges.

You’ll have to deactivate force fields while navigating though mine fields and more. They really make this more than just a labyrinth game. This time around you’ll have 19 different action-packed levels, and 25 new enemies you didn’t see on the first game. The developers, 1337 Game Design, basically explain it as the original only on steroids. The video below is the trailer for iOS, but is what we can expect to arrive on Android.

If you still haven’t tried the original Dark Nebula we suggest you head to the Google Play Store and give it a try today. It will cost you a buck or two but is certainly worth it. Dark Nebula: Episode Two has everything it offers and more, plus has more levels. I loved this game on my old iPod Touch and can’t wait to enjoy it on my Nexus 7 later this fall. The developers expect Episode Two to launch on Android around “Autumn” so between now and the end of December basically.