Gone are the days when the music that plays at your home, whether there’s a party or just for your personal enjoyment, comes from a home sound and theatre system. Now, it usually comes from your mobile phone or tablet, but you’d still want to have it play on good, loud speakers. D-Link’s newest gizmo, the Wi-Fi Audio Extender (DCH-M225), will let you play the music from your device through WiFi, saying goodbye to the hassle of wires or burning music onto a CD.

The compact gadget, which is just the size of a small USB wall charger at 2.13 1.65 x 2.15 inches , has a distinct advantage over other wireless speakers which are becoming more popular these days. Instead of the usual Bluetooth connection, which can be unstable at times, it uses your home WiFi network to connect your device to a speaker. All you have to do is plug the Wifi Audio Extender into a wall socket and then connect to your router by pressing the WPS button and then the gadget’s setup button. Then use a 3.5 audio jack to connect to your preferred speaker and now you can play music to your ears’ content, from wherever you are in the house, as long as there’s WiFi.

If there’s an area in your house that’s a WiFi deadspot, the DCH-M225 can also help you out with that. It can serve as a wireless range extender to make sure that all the areas in your house can connect to the Internet, whether you’re in the bathroom, basement laundry room or the attic. It uses the Wireless N technology so you can reach as high as 300 mbps, of course depending on the actual speed of your connection.

If you’re scared that your neighbours will be able to access your WiFi by going through your Wi-Fi Audio Extender, it boasts of security features that can protect your network and personal information. You can purchase the DCH-M225 through Amazon for $49.99 or through any of D-Link’s outlets (prices may vary).