The CES will be over soon but we’re guessing the craziness will spill over until next week. This year, we’re excited about the numerous smart products announced and showcased in Las Vegas. Joining the smart home bandwagon is D-Link with a new smart alarm detector. This new mydlink Wi-Fi based detector is perfect for those who want to make sure their security at home whether they are there and especially when they are out.

The mydlink Smart Alarm Detector (DCH-S165) is part of D-Link’s Connected Home ecosystem. No need to install new detectors as this device simply connects to your WiFi network so you can be notified of any suspicious activities. This one is ideal if you’re always out or if you are taking care of an elderly. Simply connect the device into an outlet. Since most homes already have alarm systems, this one is compatible with standard UL-certified CO and smoke alarms.

The idea is that when the alarm sets off, the home owner will be notified via mobile. It’s connected to the Internet so the system can notify a person perhaps with a simple email or SMS. We’ve seen something similar before but the mydlink Wi-Fi detector is easier to set up, use, and manage. As long as a system or device is UL-certified, it can be detected by a Smart Alarm Detector up to a 50 feet range.

According to D-Link, the system can detect smoke and sounds accurately. You can even set other actions like turn on home camera so you can view what’s happening. Right on your cellphone, you can see what’s going on at home. There’s simply a lot of things one can do within the system. You see, this is just one smart home solution. Expect more similar ones to be introduced in the game.

Main features of the mydlink Smart Alarm Detector include sound detection, push notifications, sensing technology, simple setup and control, mydlink Compatibility, and IFTTT support.

D-Link’s mydlink Smart Alarm Detector (DCH-S165) will come with a $59.99 price tag. Available in Q2 2016 in Q2.