Does your desk or room look like a snake pit because of all the wires criss-crossing in just one extension to charge various devices? A crowd-funded project has come up with what is supposedly the first charging dock that has both wired and wireless capabilities with the CYSPO Omnistation. With the device you can charge your smartphones, tablets, power banks, smartwatches, wearables, etc, all at the same time.

Most people now have multiple devices that are used a lot, and therefore need a lot of charging as well. But sometimes all you have is just two wall outlets, especially when you’re traveling and staying at a hotel. The Omnistation solves that particular problem for you by having just one charging dock for all your chargeable electronic gadgets, both the wired kind and even the wireless ones that are slowly catching on. For the latter, it uses the Qi Standard Multi-Coil Free Positioning wireless charging Transmitter Technology while for wired charging, the device includes 6 customizable USB ports. The adaptors can be interchanged as well so less hassle when you need to be more flexible when charging.

In case you’re not satisfied with those options and you need to add your ebook reader or bluetooth speaker for charging, there are two more USB ports on the side. One of the ports has 2.1A output so you can use that for bigger devices like tablets or phablets since it is faster. And the design of the Omnistation is not bad to look at either, and it is also portable enough that you can carry it whenever you’re traveling.

Their Kickstarter project has already met and exceeded their goal of $30,000 with still 34 days to go. The target date for shipping to backers is by December of this year. Here’s hoping it will also be available in retail stores afterwards.

SOURCE: Kickstarter