The folks at CyanogenMod are currently reviewing a new feature. This one brings the camera to the Quick Settings menu shade. Basically, using this feature you will be able to pull down the shade and snap a picture. This feature has been developed by Nebojsa Cvetkovic and from the way it looks, users will be able to capture an image with just two quick taps.

Cvetkovic started with the premise that he was annoyed with how long it took to open the Camera app for a quick picture. Based on what he has said, this feature will start the preview with the first tap and then capture the picture with any subsequent taps.

This setup will attempt to maintain autofocus (assuming the device supports it) and otherwise, that first tap will bring the camera into focus. And while this sounds like a good method of grabbing those quick pictures, you do not have to worry about losing anything in terms of quality. It was said that the pictures taken using this method are at full resolution.

After the image has been taken the camera will then close when you close the shade. In other words, this is basically just another method of using the default camera. In that respect you are not losing anything and this seems like a solid option to have available. Well, that is assuming it passes all the tests and makes its way into a future CyanogenMod release.

With that in mind, this certainly will not replace the Camera app entirely. After all, the actual Camera app has access to those other settings that you may need to adjust from time to time. While we wait for further news from the CyanogenMod team, we do have the video sitting above to get a better idea of how this all works.

VIA: Google+ (CyanogenMod)