One popular feature in what used to be CyanogenMod custom ROMs – now called LineageOS – was theming, and being able to basically dictate colors and fonts other visual elements on your phone’s interface that would otherwise be off limits to stock firmware users. This was achieved through the CyanogenMod Theme Engine, but now it’s time to say goodbye to CMTE.

The CyanogenMod Theme Engine is the bedrock upon which the new and more modern Substratum theming engine is built on. And now that LineageOS and Android seem to be going with Substratum, the developers of LineageOS are now in the process of removing all remaining mentions of CMTE in LineageOS 15.0.

There was a little bit of hope – nothing more than a rumor, really – that CMTE was going to make a comeback in LineageOS. But with the investment the developers have put into Substratum, and the way Substratum is better in every way thinkable, we think that this is the demise of CMTE in reality.

So what can we expect from LineageOS and Substratum next? Well, Substratum was actually designed by Sony, so we will not be surprised if LineageOS comes up with their own theming engine. We think that may be a bit much, as Substratum does the job pretty nicely. We will have to watch this space.