CyanogenMod already offers support for a wide variety of handsets. And while we aren’t sure anyone could expect to see support for each and every Android device — there are some that we would expect to be on the list. Anyway, one of those still missing is the Galaxy Note III, but that may soon be changing. To that point, the folks at CyanogenMod have recently offered a status update in terms of support for the Note III.

It should be made clear from the beginning — there isn’t a ROM available just yet. The details were shared on the +CyanogenMod page and tell the story of source code having been posted. They make it clear that “the devices aren’t yet ready for nightlies” but do go on to mention the “trees are in a stable enough condition for you all to build and hack upon at home.”

Simply put, the source code for several variants of the Galaxy Note III have been posted. Looking at the list on Github and we see source for the T-Mobile and Sprint versions as well as the international model. So far nothing spotted (or mentioned) for the Verizon Wireless or AT&T variants.

Those with a Galaxy Note 3 hoping to run CyanogenMod — your time may be coming sooner rather than later. There hasn’t been any timeline in terms of an official release, however given the source has posted we are expecting to see some unofficial builds begin appearing.

This should be an interesting release to watch, while CyanogenMod brings many perks above the regular Android builds, and it will get users away from TouchWiz, we haven’t seen anything in regards to what Cyanogen can do in terms of the S Pen.



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