In case you forgot, the team from CyanogenMod recently changed their popular logo and the face of CM with what they are calling CID. This new CyanogenMod ID brand image is here to stay apparently, because today they’ve announced their new boot animation with the changes included. Check it out after the break.

Out goes the Andy BugDroid and in comes the brand new mascot they are calling CID. This attempts to show that CyanogenMod is their own brand, a mature Android OS, and unique. CM wants to be seen as more than just a “stock Android on a zillion devices.” Instead they want it to be seen for what it is — and that is a mature and evolving Android OS that is on the bleeding edge of Android development.

The days of skateboard Andy are over and now we’ll have to get used to CID. Whether you like the new mascot or not it is here to stay because this essentially makes it official. Do you like the new mascot? Or wish it stayed the same. Lately there’s been lots of fans of the pink unicorn from the AOKP team — just saying. We can expect all the CM9 nightly builds to have the new boot animation shortly.

[via @Cyanogen]