Google introduced a feature called ‘AppOps‘ along with Android 4.3 and as such, it looks like CyanogenMod has something similar. In terms of Cyanogen, the feature is called Privacy Guard and while this is not yet available for all users, that appears as if that will soon be changing. In short, Cyanogen has updated Privacy Guard and also announced the new features have been merged into the early CM10.2 builds.

Anyway, according to details coming from the CyanogenMod posting, they have “merged an update to Privacy Guard for 10.2 code that implements AppOps.” And perhaps a bit more important for those already familiar with Privacy Guard, further details mention how “you will still see the familiar UI from Privacy Guard, just with additional power and customization hidden within.”

Some of the functionality includes the ability to single-click any app from the main menu to toggle permissions for items such as Location, Reading Contacts, Reading Call Log, Reading Calendar and SMS/MMS. Switching from a single-click to a long press and users will be able to see all currently used permissions and their on/off status. And from here, a tap of the app name will take you to the App Info screen. 


This Privacy Guard update also brought a new ‘Advanced’ menu item. This one will allow the user to quickly access the native AppOps interface, which is hidden by default. Furthermore, users will also now see a notification when they are using an app that has a denied permission.

Otherwise, users can also filter to show and/or hide system apps from the main view, quick scroll the list by alphabet with disabled apps being at the bottom and have a quick reset button that will disable Privacy Guard for all enabled apps. Basically, that last one allows for a one-click return to normal.

And finally, Privacy Guard can be enabled by default for all freshly installed apps. Those choosing this option will have the following items blocked; Location, Reading Contacts, Reading Call Log, Reading Calendar and SMS/MMS permissions.


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