The folks at CyanogenMod are prepping for some upcoming changes to the power widgets. These have been used for quite some time now and were originally introduced back on the CM7 days. And for those who haven’t been around CyanogenMod for that long — CM7 looks back towards Android 2.3. That aside, the power widgets will be going away in favor of something called the Quick Access Ribbon.

First and foremost, there hasn’t been any timeline given as to when this will happen. For now the CyanogenMod posting talks about how this new code (change) has not been merged, but that it will soon. While this portion will not affect the average end user, there was also talk of how this new system will allow the team to swap more than 3000 lines of code for just 370 lines.

We suspect some users are going to push back against the change, but in an attempt to keep looking on the bright side — it was said that this update will bring a “newer, and more efficient method of toggling your settings.”


“This piece of code will take your existing layout from the QS panel, and render it as a replacement for the soon-to-be-defunct notification power widgets. This is essentially a new view for the QS panel, which means we save ourselves the hassles of managing two distinct sets of features that accomplish the same thing.”

Further details here include talk of how this setup will also allow the CyanogenMod team to take advantage of the dynamic capabilities. Or in other words, this means items such as the Camera tile quick capture ability will remain available. And for those worried, it was made clear that this new ribbon will be configurable.

Bottom line here, some changes are coming to CyanogenMod. The good side here for those tho are against this change — you likely have some time to keep enjoying your current setup. The new code for the Quick Access Ribbon will hit nightlies first for testing.

SOURCE: Google+ CyanogenMod