In a perfect world, all Android OS devices would ship with a clean, official version of CyanogenMod free of bloatware. But the world isn’t perfect, so night after night we hope one day – CyanogenMod will start supporting our device. Fortuantly, many Sony Ericsson XPERIA owners can stop searching, because CyanogenMod nighties have started up for a number of their devices.

Included will be the XPERIA Live, Pro, and Active; to access the files directly visit the CyanogenMod mirror network here, and navigate to your device. Do note, that you must have root access and CWM recovery installed to make use of the files – but those of you following this far into the post probably already knew that. These new CM builds will most likely be very unstable, as this will be their first nightly.

But over time, it will undoubtedly become just as polished as other officially supported devices. This is not CM9 running off of an Android 4.0 base, but rather CM7 running off of Gingerbread. So those of you hoping to see ICS may just have to wait it out a good bit longer.

[via Android Police]