We suspect some CyanogenMod users may have been disappointed with how there isn’t any plan to release an Android L based ROM just yet. The CyanogenMod team offered their reasons as to why the Android L development isn’t a priority just yet, but at the same time that doesn’t mean nothing is happening in the world of custom ROMs.

This latest addition is on the smaller side as compared to a full Android L ROM, however it is an addition that seems like it will be welcomed by many. Roman Birg has announced (by way of his Google+ page) that his “old arrow nav bar keys” will be added to CyanogenMod. These are already being added, and basically means users will have the option to add a left and right navigation arrow on the navigation bar.


These can be turned on, or off, depending on your personal preference. The option to do so can be found in Settings under the section for Buttons. Once there you’ll need to look for the “arrow keys while typing” option and make sure it is checked (or unchecked) depending on your preference. The key here — these arrow navigation buttons will not show all the time — even if they are activated in the settings.

Details from the setting mention how this will “display left and right cursor buttons while typing.” Bottom line here, these navigation buttons will appear when you have the keyboard up and are actively typing, which ultimately means your navigation bar will only seem cluttered some of the time, as opposed to all of the time. But again, the nice part here is they can be turned on and off as you desire.

And to clarify, these have been added to CyanogenMod in the nightlies.

VIA: Android Police

SOURCE: +RomanBirg


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