Yesterday, LineageOS Gerrit went online to accept contributions to LineageOS, the software that this group is hoping that will evolve from CyanogenMod. It looks like Cyanogen – the corporate entity and brand name – will continue on to use the related name as a separate Android fork, but it looks like we will be waking up to news of LineageOS soon.

We can call it LineageOS, Lineage OS, or maybe just plain Lineage – but the fact of the matter is that developers are now hard at work to make the next version of CyanogenMod into Lineage. The LineageOS Gerrit is a system which allows developers to contribute to the code of Lineage.

Gerrit is very much like the popular GitHub for developers of code. The reviews and approvals of code are done on a per-commit basis, again pretty much like GitHub. The big difference is that Gerrit allows for more complex rules in the approval and review process, which makes the process very much better for Android developers specifically.

The developer community for Lineage is alive and kicking, and hopefully they will get better traction with Gerrit now online. This means that current CyanogenMod will at least allow Lineage OS to get a running start to its anticipated life.

VIA: SlashGear


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