Among the flood of CES 2015 news this week, this announcement is probably what CyanogenMod fans have been waiting for to kickstart the new year. The developers of Android’s most popular custom ROM have just switched on CyanogenMod 12 nightly builds for as much as 31 devices and variants. And with that, of course, comes the sweet promise of Android 5.0 Lollipop descending upon its users in the near future.

The CM12 builds are actually almost quite mature, with CyanogenMod claiming as much as 85 percent of functionality quite ready for the first M milestone release. For supported devices, core features such as calls, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, camera, and more are already functional, though there are some less common hardware that are not yet supported. Not showstoppers definitely, at least depending on your use cases.

That said, there are still a bit of CyanogenMod-specific features that are still in the process of being ported over to Android Lollipop and the new Material Design. These include the rather new CM Theme Engine, Quick Settings reorganization, Navigation bar customization, Sound panel settings, and Lock-screen quick unlock.

But there are also new, unheard of features yet to come. These include the now popular Ambient display feature, a new messaging app, and some small customization options like (finally) adding weather information on the extended status bar. This will definitely whet users’ appetites, making the upcoming CM12 releases something to wait for with baited breath.

For reference, here are the devices that currently have CM12 builds running:

  1. bacon
  2. d802
  3. dlx
  4. e975
  5. e980
  6. evita
  7. falcon
  8. find5
  9. flo
  10. ghost
  11. hlte
  12. hltespr
  13. jewel
  14. jfltevzw
  15. klte
  16. m7
  17. m7spr
  18. m7vzw
  19. m8
  20. mako
  21. mondrianwifi
  22. moto_msm8960
  23. t6
  24. t6spr
  25. t6vzw
  26. serrano3gxx
  27. serranoltexx
  28. shamu
  29. v500
  30. ville
  31. vs985

SOURCE: CyanogenMod