Koush has returned with another Chromecast demo and this latest is one that CyanogenMod users will likely be happy to see come available. The promise here is that it is possible to Chromecast everything from your handset. Well, with a handset that is running CyanogenMod. We have yet to see when this would be rolled into ROMs, however Koush has offered a rather compelling demo video.

According to details coming from Koush, he has said he “added some framework extensions to CyanogenMod to let any app which plays audio/video using the MediaPlayer to be sent to the Chromecast.” Simply put, users will be able to stream anything to their Chromecast — regardless if the app officially supports that feature. And in a bit of slightly better news, this will work for streaming content from the cloud as well as content stored on the device or on the memory card.

The demo video offers a look at Koush streaming a video podcast using the official Twit.tv app and streaming an audio podcast using the BeyondPod app. The key here — neither officially have support for Chromecast streaming. The process to send the content to the Chromecast seems easy enough. Begin playing as you would normally and then you will get a notification (by way of the shade) with a “Play on Chromecast” option.

A click of that will send the content to your Chromecast. There does appear to be a few second delay, but we suppose those few seconds of waiting will be much better than the months of waiting it will likely take some of your favorite apps to build this in officially.

And just to clarify, Koush has said this is built into CyanogenMod and will work with any app. The catch is he has yet to say when it will be available. Or for that matter, which CyanogenMod builds it will appear. It seem likely this will arrive with CM10.2, however we can also hope for an update to CM10.1.

SOURCE: Google+

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