One of my favorite features of later versions of CyanogenMod is the series of included and customizable toggles built right into the notification drawer. Not only is it convenient as all get out, it saves valuable space on your home screen usually occupied by the default power widget. When the Galaxy Nexus was released for Verizon, more than a few users were disappointed that Ice Cream Sandwich’s implementation of 4G LTE blocked previous quick 4G toggles available in the Android Market. At least one developer seems to have found a work-around, and his implementation is currently be considered for inclusion in CyangoenMod 9.

The CyanogenMod team takes applications for tweaks and upgrades from just about anyone, and if they’re good enough and stable to be included in the final release, they become part of the ever-evolving CyanogenMod code. CyanogenMod 9, the latest version based on Ice Cream Sandwich, is undergoing a lot of revision as we speak. One of the included changes may be the LTE toggle widget seen in the video below. Developer Gregory Garcia says that the CyanogenMod team is currently reviewing the code to see if it can be implemented. It looks good so far:

Custom ROMs based on CyanogenMod code are popping up for dozens of devices, even before any official CM team releases have been posted. Verizon 4G LTE phones that are officially supported by CyanogenMod should see this toggle included upon the final release, and branched or “kang-ed” ROMs based on CM9’s open-source code should be able to incorporate it easily enough. We still don’t know when the official CyanogenMod release will come – those guys seem to be very well along, but they’ve got high standards for stability on feature completeness. While you wait, you can always try one of the earlier Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs, which seem to be available for just about every major phone and tablet.

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[via Reddit]