Take a peek oh you lovers of the biggest everloving green mod of them all, CyanogenMod – the nightly builds are being pushed out like babies into the world where they’ll grow into big strong hacks of tomorrow – and Chris Soyars is pumped up! For those of you following along, CyanogenMod 7 is the current build and is aka the Gingerbread CyanogenMod. You can thank the folks over at TeamDouche (aka that pixel duck down there, aka the makers of CyanogenMod) for the current builds ready for action: Passion, Sholes, Espresso, Legend, and the Incredible up next!

You can feel free to hang out here for all additional updates to the CyanogenMod 7 build list, as its of course possible they’ll be coming from more directions than just one, or you can keep refreshing [this page] in hopes that TeamDouche will bring you the build you’re waiting for. You can grab the download you need in Rom Manager or over at the CyanogenMod Forums and tell us how it goes!

An easy way to both find the update you need and to gain some official discussion action for the update you need is to search “Nightly” in the CyanogenMod Forums – or just click [here], of course.

Of course, if you’re not into testing out pre-perfect builds, you can hang out over at CyanogenMod.com for some version 6 downloads.

[Via CyanogenMod Forums]