So, you’ve just flashed the latest CM7 Nightly, or the latest CyanogenMod 7 RC2 build and now you want to customize your device and make it unique to you. I’m with you, I do it all the time. For those like me that love to tinker, hack, or modify anything and everything about our awesome Android phones. I bring you a very well made theme for CM7 by another amazing developer at XDA.

Over at XDA a developer named Trock79 has released a theme for CM7. This isn’t just a few changes though. He has taken his time and it is very thorough. From status bar, to lockscreen, backgrounds, and the dialer. All have been customized and it looks great. This theme is a pretty big change, most of the phone menu’s and everything have been changed and look different so it is a huge transition for a user. You will most likely either love it, or hate it. Trock79 has mentioned that not all work with certain nightly’s so he has posted the install for regular CM7, for nightly CM7’s, as well as the latest RC2. He also mentions his theme will work in the CM7 T-Mo theme chooser. So that is the easiest way to install this.

As always, use caution when making changes to your device. Always remember to do a nandroid backup before modding or changing anything, especially when flashing morphs or themes. Do this at your own risk, and enjoy!

-Download zip
-Unzip in file explorer
-Install apk
-Or use the Theme Chooser

Download Files:
Carbonite apk
Carbonite Nightly #23 apk
and latest Carbonite CM7 RC2 apk

[via XDA Forums]