Hello CyanogenMod fans, if you’re still adamant to get the Android Marshmallow CM13 nightly build, you’re still free to use CM12. The latter has just received the latest 12.1 snapshot build update which is supposed to be more stable now. It’s still based an Android 5.0 Lollipop but rest assured it’s better now than the past software versions.

Don’t get too excited because as expected, only a few models are eligible for the update. For now, Motorola devices are the lucky ones to receive the build especially the Moto Maxx, 2013 Moto X, and the Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx. Other mobile devices should have the build ready for them in a few weeks or so.

Now called as CyanogenMod Snapshot build, this is the first ever for CyanogenMod 12.1. The CM community used to call such as ‘milestones’. Since CM13 is expected to be not as stable yet, the CM12.1 is a better choice because ideally, most bugs have been squashed already. This is different from nightlies and it’s said to have the best hardware support yet for mods. Note that compared to nightlies, it takes a while before the snapshot build is ready. It usually takes two months before another one rolls out.

Download the CM12.1 snapshot build from CyanogenMod Downloads

VIA: Android Police

SOURCE: CyanogenMod Downloads