With the storm that surrounded the recently held CES 2014 in Las Vegas, it might have been easy to miss out on some things that happened in the Android world. Last week, the CyanogenMod team rolled out the second M2 snapshot intended for 65 devices.

In early December, CyanogenMod did something rather unusual when it immediately made available the first M snapshot instead of waiting for a bit later in the development cycle. At that time, however, it was initially available for Nexus devices, more for practicality reasons due to the devices’ closeness to code already in AOSP.

Now the team is officially expanding its coverage to more devices. The announcement for this snapshot is quite short, not mentioning any significant features. Of course, CyanogenMod 11 is based on Android 4.4 so that might be reason enough to want this release on one’s device as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be getting this KitKat treat yet, at least through CyanogenMod. While it is mentioned that CyanogenMod 11 M2 is targeted for over 65 devices, the actual number that already have downloadable images ready are less than that. Of course, the builds are still ongoing, so if your device isn’t yet listed, best to keep an eye on that download page for a few more days.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod