It has been another busy week for the folks over at CyanogenMod and now they’re sharing with the community the fruits of their labors. Looking back at all the activity from last week, we see a couple of new features, some of which have already made their way to CyanogenMod 11 nightlies.

Trebuchet, CyanogenMod’s default homescreen launcher, has gotten a couple of new features, which continues the work on the theme engine. In particular, Trebuchet is being improved to better handle legacy themes when it switches over to the new theme engine. But perhaps the most interesting change last week is the addition of new hiding features to the app drawer part of the launcher. Users will now be able to hide app names should they wish too. But more importantly, they can now also hide certain apps from view. Since interaction via the app drawer itself is quite limited in Trebuchet, all of this has to be done via the Homescreen options in the Settings app.

Another new interface feature that some nightly build users might already be seeing relates to the Quick Setting tiles. There is now a checkbox to set QS, as it is often abbreviated, to use smaller tiles compared to the default setting. While QS still has its own little corner of the screen, at least now it won’t have to occupy a large part of it. Unfortunately, the size itself isn’t configurable and you’re basically stuck with just having to choose between two preset sizes.

Other changes pushed to the CyanogenMod 11 codebase include adding landscape layout to the CM’s Dialer app. This mode will be useful when the smartphone is docked or when using a tablet. The cLock clock lockscreen widget will now also show the date range even for multi-day or all-day events. Under the hood, CyanogenMod got updates to the Bluedroid Bluetooth stack and fixes for MultiSIM support. As mentioned, some of these changes have already made their way to nightly builds, though some are still pending. Given the nature of these builds, some might arrive later than others.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod