Cyanogen has release the latest in the “M” series of builds. This time around we are seeing the CyanogenMod 11.0 M4 release, which naturally, is a follow-up to the M3 release we saw around this time last month. All the CM11 M4 builds should be live and available from the official download portal at this time. They also come with a decent sized list of updates and changes this time around.

It appears Cyanogen has CM11 M4 available for 50 devices at the moment. The list include a familiar set, though, judging from the comments on the CyanogenMod announcement post — it seems some devices may not have support. In this case we are looking at the Galaxy Note II. Otherwise, the list contains devices from HTC, Sony, Asus, Motorola, LG, OPPO, Samsung and the Nexus line.

Also worth noting is the support for the 1st and 2nd generation Amazon Kindle Fire, as well as for the Barnes & Noble Nook HD+. Device support aside, the changelog mentioned everything from Immersive Mode, to Bluetooth LE, translations, the recent apps panel, Trebuchet, Privacy Guard and even a CM Easter Egg. The full list is as follows;

  • Immersive Mode – prevent accidental clicks on swipe gesture (EdgeGesture service)
  • Bluetooth LE – Wipower SDK apis, various fixes
  • System NavBar – Left Hand mode (landscape only – not available on tablets)
  • Motion Accelerometer support (device dependant)
  • Volume Panel – transparency support
  • Translations – new language additions, localization and long-string fixes
  • MediaPlayer – new apis for Suspend/Resume
  • CM Easter Egg
  • QuickSettings – volume Tile sync fix, Quick Config, Alarm tile shows alarms, User Profile fix
  • Recent Apps Panel – low-end device tweaks
  • Theme Engine – Fix crashes
  • Performance – Speed up booting on multi-core devices, add option to force high-end graphics option on low-end devices
  • Trebuchet – decouple icon mask and background (should fix some icon packs)
  • Settings – multiple hands-free device support
  • Privacy Guard – confirm on permission reset
  • Profiles – add expanded desktop support

Anyway, while the “M” series builds are available for download and use, it is important to remember these are not final builds. Simply put, as there may still be some issues, these builds may be better suited for a device that you are not fully dependent on.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod