The Moto X has gotten solid reviews, which in many cases — brings talk of how the software is solid and feature rich. But that being said, we suspect some Moto X users want a choice to run something else. For that crowd, it looks like those rocking an AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon Moto X can now get going with CyanogenMod.

These are nightly builds, which mean things may not exactly be perfect. Users will also need to make sure their Moto X is unlocked and ready for you to load a third-party custom ROM. That basically means you will be looking towards a Developer Edition Moto X at the moment.

That said, the files are available from the CyanogenMod website and the handsets are listed as xt1060 (Verizon Wireless), xt1058 (AT&T) and xt1053 (T-Mobile). These all measure in at slightly under 193MB in size and you will also want to grab the latest GApps package for flashing in addition to Cyanogen. Touching back on the regular Moto X software and those going the Cyanogen route will lose a few features.

The Moto X comes with a few Motorola specifics such as Active Notifications and Voice Control. The notifications bit simply means users can see what has come in without fully unlocking their phone. While it sounds simple, it has really proven to be rather useful. The Voice Control means voice access, again without even having to wake or unlock your phone.

The catch is, these are two of the more highly touted features of the Moto X and neither will be include with these CyanogenMod ROMs. But again, having some options is always nice and while we like both of these features, there are likely some who can live without them.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod Blog