Android 4.4 Kit Kat was on many minds this week as it finally arrived. Well, on one device at least. But while many have Kit Kat on their minds, the folks at Cyanogen haven’t forgotten about other builds. And in fact, they have released the latest M-series build. This time around we are seeing the release of CM10.2 M1.

This release is hitting the CyanogenMod servers and it is bringing support for more than 70 devices. As we have seen from other CM10.2 builds, this is based off of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. As for the M-series, that stands for Milestone and they are a sort of middle ground between the bleeding edge and stable. These fall in the middle of the nightly builds and the final release builds.

These M-series builds, in this case CM10.2 M1, should be good for daily use, but as with any software that is not final, there could be some issues that pop up. Otherwise, shifting over to Cyanogen and the future of CM10.2 and the look ahead to a build based on Android 4.4.

The folks at Cyanogen have said they plan to continue working on the 10.2 code branch and also mentioned that will be done in parallel to the work they are now doing with Android 4.4. As always though, the specifics have not been revealed. For example, they did not offer any hints in terms of device support. The Cyanogen posting included the following;

“For those that will inevitably ask, we have not made any decisions with respect to what devices will make the leap to the KitKat code base and likely won’t have that information for a few weeks.”

That said, they did suggest users should instead “enjoy some of the hard work our contributors have placed into bringing you Android 4.3.” Not to mention, continue looking forward to when the next M-series build (CM10.2 M2) drops because as the name ‘milestone’ suggests, these are just stepping stones towards a final stable release.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod Blog