They created a fix to an annoying problem, only to have that fix create another possibly more annoying problem. That is the situation that some OnePlus One users are experiencing, as a fix to the device’s touchscreen issues has been pulled out because it has been causing excessive battery drain once it has been installed. Cyanogen says they are already working on creating an actual solution that will not cause further damage.

The firmware from Synaptics was meant to finally fix the touchscreen issues that the OnePlus One has been experiencing since it was launched last year. We all know how difficult it is to use a touchscreen phone if the main problem of it is the touchscreen gestures. And so they came up with this fix, although it wasn’t really released as an OTA but rather as a nightly release. Which eventually turned out good because that means just a few people were able to download it.

But the small percentage of OnePlus One owners who were able to do so complained that the patch has actually causing excessive battery drain, even though you’re not using the device. And so Cyanogen has decided to pull-out this particular build and then ask those who already have the build to downgrade their version so that their battery can last a while longer.

Cynaogen and Synaptics are currently working together to be able to fix both the battery drain and the touchscreen issues. There is no specific timetable yet, so if you’re a OnePlus One owner, be patient just a little while longer.

VIA: Android Beat