Sometimes it’s difficult to separate CyanogenMod, the source of those custom ROMs we all love, from Cyanogen, Inc., which is the corporate entity that came out from CyanogenMod. But be that as it may, Cyanogen has announced an exciting new feature that we will probably be seeing in CM13 – a live lock screen. CM ROMs are purely the results of CyanogenMod developers, bringing to us a more feature-filled flavor of Android AOSP.

Moving or animated wallpapers are not new things, but only a few developers have gone and made animated or live lock screens on Android. It looks like CyanogenMod will try its hand on that, as announced in the Big Android BBQ of 2015 in Hurst, Texas. The features of the new lock screen were demonstrated, and you can see some of that in the video below.

This new feature will most likely come out with CM13, which is the Marshmallow flavored CyanogenMod ROM that should come out next. We have no update as to when CM13 might be coming out, but this should be a good feature to look forward to, especially when you see how smooth and how good it looks.

One of the China-based manufacturers, Xiaomi, already employs some animated lock screens on its MIUI skin for Android. This has not really taken off, especially with the bigger manufacturers still going with the static lock screen. Will this change the way we use and expect lock screens to look like?

VIA: Reddit



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