CVS Caremark has announced their official Android application. The app, available at no cost today, allows users to access the CVS prescription drug information database to learn more about their prescriptions as well as allows for safe and secure management of refills and prescriptions. The database has information, images, dosing details and more for those in need, more details below.

The CVS drug information database and services is open to everyone using the application but for those seeking more options, and the management of refills you’ll need to be a CVS Caremark member and you can sign up at Once a member you have access to many additional options outlined below:

– Refill a prescription
– Check prescription order status
– View a prescription history
– Easy mail service prescription refills
– Online new prescription requests
– Check drug coverage and cost
– Locate a network pharmacy

Caremark has been available for iOS for some time and is now finally coming to Android. While this isn’t Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, the many people in the world needing prescription drugs will find the CVS Caremark Android application highly useful. Again all the details can be found over at and the official Android application is available in the market right now, get it by clicking here.