Does your streaming video service leave you wanting more? Get access to largest content library on the web with a 3 year subscription to SelectTV, offered at more than half off the retail price for readers of Android Community. People all over the United States are ditching their expensive cable television subscriptions, choosing instead to go with cheaper online streaming services. The problem with most of those streaming services, however, is that they offer only a limited selection of content. With a subscription to SelectTV, though, you can get access to way more content for less money.

SelectTV offers subscribers access to hundreds of thousands of viewing and listening options. It boasts a massive library of 250,000 free television episodes, 10,000 free movie titles, 5,000 live channels, and 50,000 radio stations, all accessible from any device — including your Android phone.

With your subscription, you’ll also enjoy access to an additional 50,000+ of the top TV episodes and 190,000 movies via SelectTV Pay Per View. You’ll even be able to listen to radio stations from all over the world, play games, and watch live events like sports, concerts, and more – just like you can with cable.

What are you waiting for? Cut the cord and save money with a three year subscription to SelectTV for only $49 — or a one year subscription for just $24 — this week at Android Community Deals.


  1. This service is pretty good. I often like to watch video on my phone when I have some down time but am not at home, and everyone has their own app, so you need to download a dozen from different networks etc. It might not seem like much, but bringing all that together definitely saves me time having to hunt around.


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