The extremely popular and top selling iOS game by Zepto Labs Cut the Rope has been available for Android the last week or so over at GetJar as they got the exclusive on it, sadly it comes with ads but then it is also free. If you haven’t downloaded the amazingly simple yet fun game I suggest you do because it’s as addicting as Angry Birds.

If you are like me and would rather play games without all the ads you can now buy Cut The Rope in the Android Market for only $0.99 and boy is it fun. I played it for at least an hour straight last night but it starts to get quite difficult and takes more than a few times to get all three stars.

The photos posted below might look a little goofy but they did want a cute game for all ages to appeal to the masses. The video above shows just how fun and engaging it can be so I highly suggest you all check it out. Click the source link below to head over to the Android Market and get to cutting those ropes.

[via Cut The Rope]