The popular and fun game Cut the Rope by Zepto Labs is back with all new characters, fun gameplay, and tons of levels for you rope cutting and Om Nom fans. Cut the Rope: Experiments was released this weekend for Android and is available today in the Play Store for only $0.99. Instead of just sharing the news we figured a quick hands-on video was worth the look for those considering the purchase.

This follow up to the original award winning game has increased everything. From better gameplay, enhanced graphics, tons more levels, and even added new characters instead of just Om Nom (the main character). They also have added all sorts of new game elements to bring things to an entirely new level much bigger than the original.

Cut The Rope Experiments has 5 settings or worlds with a total of 125 new levels (experiments), and a neat story line to go with it. We’ve seen a few physics based games from Disney hit Android with water and other elements but a similar game design so Zepto Labs took this opportunity to do both. We have the same awesome rope cutting action but they’ve also added other elements such as guns, suction cups, water, and even rockets to give you plenty of different ways to enjoy the new game. Here’s a quick look with more in-game screenshots below.

They have a leaderboard like always but with Experiments Cut the Rope now has another social aspect with hidden photos in-game you can collect and share on Facebook with friends and other players. I’d say this game is for kids but it gets quite hard where even I’m seriously struggling to finish some levels without multiple tries.

This game will surely take up the rest of your week, but don’t blame me. Check out some of the screenshots and then head to the link below to get it today for only $0.99 and enjoy some rope cutting.

Play Store Link