DIY Smartwatch from Scratch 7

The S-March Watch may look like any other smartwatch set in a wooden watch case but it’s not available commercially. The wearable device is actually a DIY project by one product designer-slash-electrical engineer who really knew what he’s doing. It’s only a fun side project made possible by a 3D printer (monoprice) and some circuit board files. Of course, schematics are important and they are all available for everyone to see and try. Check samsonmarch on Github to see what he’s talking about.

The smartwatch project is fully open sourced. Build files are available including all the code and STL for all prints.

The device you see here looks like any other round smartwatch we know but with a wooden case. The designer definitely knew what he’s doing because the watch looks very professional and ready for commercial release.

The watch was designed using Fusion 360. He liked the round watch design more than the square shape. The latter may be easier to make but he preferred the round one.

Samsonmarch (@samsonmarch) shared some information on Github. He showed off the rendered version containing the design and the major parts. We see the screen connector folding over and plugging into the circuit board.

To create the watch case, he used woodfill plastic (70% plastic + 30% sawdust) to produce two pieces of the housing. He had to sand the “wood” after it was printed to achieve a smooth finish and texture.

Using the 3D printer was easy but it produced a bit of a mess as shown off in the photo above. With some sanding, it becomes smoother and now looks like real wood with the dark walnut stain. The designer definitely knew what he was doing here–no doubt.

Check the full post on Github if you wish to create your own smartwatch. No need to spend hundreds of dollars now as long as you know how to do mods and hacks.