Customization freedom is the one reason Android ecosystem is favorable for modders and geeks. While most of the OEMs give developers and even users the freedom to explore a number of custom modifications, Google’s own Pixel lineup has a closed ecosystem. However, Pixel users who fancy the clean Android experience of their device, but want to have the freedom of modding their phone UI a bit, there’s good news.

Thanks to XDA Senior Member Typhus_ who has created the ‘Addon Features for Pixel Devices,’ the users can now have a bit more flexibility in modding the look and feel of the OS. This is a great option if you don’t want to flash Android 11.

The package adds cheeky UI elements and design tweaks over the native OS layer which can be configured using the compatible app. It includes basic tweaks like 63 accent colors, 12 icon shapes, 22 fonts, 9 dark themes and 2 button mode navigation.

On top of it, the add-on brings background blur & intensity options, adaptive sound profiles, navigation bar options, system UI tuner and notifications options on the status bar. Not only Pixel users, but ones with stock Android phones can also try it out.

Some of the options with the package, exclusive to the Pixel devices are clock customization, lock screen options, status bar toggle options and other nifty visual tweaks. All the modding options can be easily controlled with the ROM Control app.

It should be kept in mind, the module is compatible with the latest software update for Pixel devices. However, once the ‘Addon Features for Pixel Devices’ is installed on the device, it is recommended not to update the phone firmware before the developer gives a go ahead.