We’ve kind of always known that VSCO would not simply remain a photo editor, although it is a great one (some would say, it is actually the best). It was inevitable that they would turn into something like Instagram, or maybe something even better. The newest feature for their mobile apps, including Android, is something called Collections, which allows you to re-share the photos you discovered on the app by adding them to your timeline.

The sharing part though is not as easy as 1-2-3 and it was a deliberate decision on their part, according to co-founder and CEO Joel Flory. They wanted the act of sharing images to be more of an intentional act, rather than just a digital auto-reflex. First, you need to double tap on something so it will be added to your library. Then you need to go to your library to be able to re-share that particular picture. And unlike some of the other curated image services out there, there is still attribution to the actual photographer, including a link back to their VSCO accounts.

By looking at other people’s Collections, you can discover new artists, marvel at the talent of other people, and maybe even be inspired to improve your craft as well. VSCO previously introduced the Grid and Journal features that let users share their photos to other users, either through one time format or a photo narrative respectively.

For now, you can only share images on Collections, but probably this will be updated eventually to include videos and other media forms. You can only have one Collection on your account though, so arranging them into themes or subjects isn’t possible yet. But we’re pretty sure VSCO will eventually come up with something to improve that.