In previous years we have seen multiple smaller shows during the year from CTIA, The Wireless Association. However moving forward, it looks like things will be changing. A recent announcement from the CTIA mentions plans of consolidation moving forward. In fact, CTIA, The Wireless Association has said that 2014 will bring the CTIA “super mobile show.”

The first of these shows, which will be dubbed CTIA 2014 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada during the month of September 2014. That being said, 2013 will be a regular year and will still have CTIA hosting the CTIA 2013 and MobileCON 2013 events separately. Of course, there will be talk of the super show during these two events in 2013. CTIA noted that they will have “super show programs” at both events.

According to the details we are seeing, this means the CTIA super show will contain a mix of technology and consumer electronics that were found at the CTIA Show and the mobile IT goodies that were previously part of MobileCON. What this sounds like it means for the wireless/mobile geek — another few days of heavy mobile focused coverage every September.

While this super show will kick off in 2014, and as previously mentioned, the remainder of 2013 will bring the smaller shows that we have been used to seeing. For example CTIA 2013 will take place in May and MobileCON will take place later in the year, in October.